Related to the Publishing API

class koordinates.publishing.PublishManager(client)

Bases: koordinates.base.Manager

Accessor for querying Publish groups.

Access via the publishing property of a koordinates.client.Client instance.


Creates a new publish group.

expand(*args, **kwargs)

Returns an expanded Query view of the model objects. Equivalent to calling .list().expand(). Using expansions may have significant performance implications for some API requests. See koordinates.base.Query.expand().

filter(*args, **kwargs)

Returns a filtered Query view of the model objects. Equivalent to calling .list().filter(...). See koordinates.base.Query.filter().

get(id, expand=[])

Fetches a Model instance determined by the value of id.

Parameters:id – numeric ID for the Model.

Fetches a set of model objects

Return type:koordinates.base.Query

alias of Publish

order_by(*args, **kwargs)

Returns an ordered Query view of the model objects. Equivalent to calling .list().order_by(...). See koordinates.base.Query.order_by().

class koordinates.publishing.Publish(**kwargs)

Bases: koordinates.base.Model

Represents an active publishing group.


Adds a Layer to the publish group.


Adds a Table to the publish group.


Cancel a pending publish task


Return the item models associated with this Publish group.


Refresh this model from the server.

Updates attributes with the server-defined values. This is useful where the Model instance came from a partial response (eg. a list query) and additional details are required.

Existing attribute values will be overwritten.