Related to the Permissions API

class koordinates.permissions.PermissionManager(client, parent_object)

Bases: koordinates.base.InnerManager

Accessor for querying and updating permissions.

Access via the permissions property of koordinates.layers.Layer or koordinates.sets.Set instances.


Create single permission for the given object.

Parameters:permission (Permission) – A single Permission object to be set.
get(permission_id, expand=[])

List a specific permisison for the given object.

Parameters:permission_id (str) – the id of the Permission to be listed.

List permissions for the given object.


alias of Permission


Set the object permissions. If the parent object already has permissions, they will be overwritten.

Parameters:permissions ([]) – A group of Permission objects to be set.
class koordinates.permissions.Permission(**kwargs)

Bases: koordinates.base.InnerModel

Represents a permissions for a specific koordinates.layers.Layer or koordinates.sets.Set instance.