Related to the Metadata API

class koordinates.metadata.MetadataManager(client, parent_manager)

Bases: koordinates.base.InnerManager

Accessor for querying and updating metadata.

Access via the metadata property of koordinates.layers.Layer or koordinates.sets.Set instances.


alias of koordinates.metadata.Metadata

set(parent_url, fp)

If the parent object already has XML metadata, it will be overwritten.

Accepts XML metadata in any of the three supported formats. The format will be detected from the XML content.

The Metadata object becomes invalid after setting


fp (file) – A reference to an open file-like object which the content will be read from.

class koordinates.metadata.Metadata(**kwargs)

Bases: koordinates.base.InnerModel


Return the available format names for this metadata

get_xml(fp, format='native')

Returns the XML metadata for this source, converted to the requested format. Converted metadata may not contain all the same information as the native format.

  • fp (file) – A path, or an open file-like object which the content should be written to.

  • format (str) – desired format for the output. This should be one of the available formats from get_formats(), or FORMAT_NATIVE for the native format.

If you pass this function an open file-like object as the fp parameter, the function will not close that file for you.