Related to the Data Catalog API

class koordinates.catalog.CatalogEntry(**kwargs)

Bases: koordinates.base.Model


Refresh this model from the server.

Updates attributes with the server-defined values. This is useful where the Model instance came from a partial response (eg. a list query) and additional details are required.

Existing attribute values will be overwritten.

class koordinates.catalog.CatalogManager(client)

Bases: koordinates.base.Manager

Accessor for querying across the site via the Catalog API.

Access via the catalog property of a koordinates.client.Client instance.

expand(*args, **kwargs)

Returns an expanded Query view of the model objects. Equivalent to calling .list().expand(). Using expansions may have significant performance implications for some API requests. See koordinates.base.Query.expand().

filter(*args, **kwargs)

Returns a filtered Query view of the model objects. Equivalent to calling .list().filter(...). See koordinates.base.Query.filter().

get(*args, **kwargs)

Fetches a Model instance determined by the value of id.


id – numeric ID for the Model.


The published version of each layer, table, set, document or source. If something hasn’t been published yet, it won’t appear here.


A filterable list view of layers, tables, sets, documents and sources, similar to koordinates.catalog.CatalogManager.list(). This returns the latest version of each item, regardless of whether or not it has been published.


alias of koordinates.catalog.CatalogEntry

order_by(*args, **kwargs)

Returns an ordered Query view of the model objects. Equivalent to calling .list().order_by(...). See koordinates.base.Query.order_by().